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Fahim Belal Orphanage

Faheem bilal social and charity foundation - orphanage project

Help category: Orphan Children
read more Posted on: 2019-Sep-Fri 08:18am

Inauguration Ceremony of Faheem Bilal Orphanage

Mr.Habibullah Ahmad Afghan who is founder of Faheem Bilal Social and Charity Organization send his greetings in a friendly message to all attendees on the occasion of inauguration ceremony of Faheem Bilal Orphanage.
"Assalamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuh"

Eventhough I am not attending the event now, I can certainly relate and empathize with those children and adolescents who are needy, destitute, and hopeless. We can only pray for these needy people and ask "Allah" to help us in…

Help category: Orphan Children
read more Posted on: 2019-Aug-Sat 06:29am

Inauguration Ceremony of Fahim Belal Social and Charity Foundation

Faheem bilal charity organization started social and his humanitarian activities about 6 months ago. During these months many poor and needy people has been helped by Faheem Bilal organization by distributing them food, meanwhile this organization funded some public welfare projects. Beside this Faheem bilal organization has plan for some projects in the next several years.
Projects which their works has start and completed are listed in below:
First project was digging of a deep public welfare well…

Help category: Families in Need
read more Posted on: 2019-Aug-Sat 05:09am