LATEST ACTIVITIES (Financial & Social)

Currently all our charity projects and services runs by the fund of Fahim Belal Charity Organization. We are looking and try to find doners from all around the world in order to enhance and improve our services for poor and destitute people and families of Afghanistan because Fahim Belal charity foundation is not self-sufficient to cover his services for all poor people and families who live in Afghanistan..

Fahim Belal Orphanage under construction

Faheem Belal orphanage is under construction and almost the first story of the building is being finished. This orphanage is constructing with fund of Faheem Belal social & charity foundation. We are working har to finish the building of the orphanage as soon as possible, and more than 10 workers are busy for the construction of the orphanage everyday. If you generous people who want to participate with our charity activities, please enter to our website in the below link and…

Help category: Orphan Children
read more Posted on: 2019-Sep-Wed 11:23pm

Digging a well in Bibi Hanifa Mosque

Faheem Bilal Foundation digged public welfare well in Bibi Hanifa mosque which is located in the eighth district of Mazar-e-Sharif, Dashte Shor, which now it is being used by the residents. The dedicated fund of project by foundation was 74000 Afs. Faheem Bilal Social and Charity foundation always tried to help for poor people in order to have a better life. 
Many thanks from volunteer team of foundation who worked hard for completion of this project.

Help category: Water Projects
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Food Aid in Ramadan month

Faheem bilal charity organization in the series of its public welfare projects helped migrant people of Mazar-e-Sharif by granting them food. Faheem Bilal charity foundation grant and distributed food for one thousand poor people of Mazar-e-Sharif, Dashte Shor who lived under the tents in Ramadhan mount by volunteer team of the foundation. And also beside this some urgent materials such as oil, soap, tea, sugar, dishwasher liquid, pea and also cash distributed for poor needy families and women.

Help category: Food Aid
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