Third floor of Fahim Belal Orphanage completed

Dear compatriots and other humanitarians and sympathetic who want to cooperate for the work of the building and other charitable affairs of the Faheem Bilal Charitable Foundation, With the help of God Almighty and the efforts of the staff of this charity foundation, the work of the third floor has been completed. And if God willing, that the work of the fourth floor will be started. Those kind and Good-hearted and philanthropic people who want to cooperate in this charity activity, can contact us via website.
Contact phone in the United States: 5102001609
And in Afghanistan:
Amruddin Izedyar, Chairman of Faheem Bilal Charity Foundation: (+93) 789991051
Mohammad Qasem Ghanizadah Financial Director of the Foundation: (+93) 795589445



Category: Orphan Children
Posted on: 2020-Jun-Sat 07:39pm