Our Team

Fahim Bilal Social Charity Organizaion Team

Habibullah Ahmad Afghan

Founder of Faheem bilal Social and Charity Organization


Habibullah Ahmad Afhghan is Founder of Faheem Bilal Social and Charity Organization and he is the first person who takes decision about every affairs of the organization. And he also take care of the generous people donation in USA and Canada.

Amruddin Eizedyar

Chief Executive Officer


Amruddin Eizedyar is the head of organization in Afghanistan and he is the only guy who has the right to employ and change the positions of the staff and take decision about all affairs of the organization.

Sayed Ahmad Azadi

Chairman Secretary


Sayed Ahmad Azadi is responsible for all affairs of the organization in absense of chairman like taking decision about consumptions and controlling the other affairs of the organization.

Mohammad Qasem Sadeqi

Finance & Social services Manager

Finance & Social services Manager

Qasem Sadeqi is responsible for the financial affairs of the organizaion under the supervising of chairman. And he manages social services of the Foundation.

Karim Ghafoori

َEducation Supervisor

Education Officer

Karim Ghafoori is responsible in education affairs of the organization. And he can employ teachers if is required.

Muhibullah Osmani

Finance & Social Services Officer

Finance & Social Services Officer

Muhibullah Osmani works as finance officer under the supervising of Finance manager. He also manage the website and he is the only guy who can access & change site contents under the super vision of founder. He is responsible for social services too.

Mohammad Sahel Sadeqi

Deputy of Orphanage

Deputy of Orphanage

Mohammad Sahel is deputy of Faheem Bilal Orphanage.

Mohammad Mansur Rasuli


Advisor Officer

Mohammad Rasul works as advisor and other members in this section works under supervision of him

Shafiqullah Nezami


Advisor Member

Shafiqullah Nezami works under the supervising of advisor officer in this section.

It is mentionable to thank and appreciate from Mr.Asadullah Sarwary who granted 2 plots of land in Hamdard town in the size of 800 meter square and submitted to the foundation, which these piece of land dedicated for the Orphanage. And also the owner of Hamdard town granted 4 plots of land in the size of 1600 meter square and officially submitted it to the foundation to dedicate it to the mosque of “Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi”. And also we are grateful from all who worked hard for building of the orphanage sepecially Eng.Mujib and Eng.Samim who designed the stucture of Faheem bilal ofphanage map.

May Allah reward them Jannah